Acne Skin Care Products Ingredients

Always read acne skin care product labels to see which acids a product contains. You'll find hydroxy acids in cleansers, gels, lotions, creams, masks and other skin-care treatments. Be sure to follow label directions regarding proper application and frequency of use, and never overdo it. More does not mean better.

The AHAs most commonly found in acne skin care products are glycolic acid and lactic acid. Product labels for AHAs may also reveal the following: malic acid, citric acid, hydroxycaprylic acid, mixed fruit acid, tri-alpha hydroxy fruit acids, triple fruit acid, sugar cane extract, alpha hydroxy and botanical complex and L-alpha hydroxy acid.

Salicylic acid (or related substances like salicylate, sodium salicylate and willow extract) is the most common BHA. Other BHAs include beta hydroxybutanoic acid, tropic acid and trethocanic acid.

PHAs include lactobionic acid, galactose and gluconic acid.

Acne Skin Care Products: Less Is More

Remember: The main danger with exfoliation is overdoing it, which leads to inflammation-and more frequent breakouts.

"We live in a society that seems to think more is better," Frankenfield laments.

"Exfoliation is important for beautiful skin," adds esthetician and makeup artist Susie Galvez, owner of Face Works Day Spa in Richmond, Virginia, "but-the big but-is that a product should work for your skin, and not against it.

"In this hurry-up world, clients want it fast and furious!" says Galvez, author of Ooh La La: Perfect Face and Hello Beautiful: 365 Ways to Be Even More Beautiful. "Overtaxing the skin by using too harsh a product only produces skin that is furious. Remember marveling at a microwave? Now we stand in front of it and say, 'Come on! Come on! Come on!' Some clients are treating their skin the same way."


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