How to get rid of body acne

Body acne-lesions that occur on the neck, shoulders, chest and back-can cause the same self-esteem problems as facial acne. Some areas are particularly sensitive, such as the chest or breast areas.

So you want to know how to get rid of body acne? Well, you'll need to use an oil-free cleanser every day. Select a product that contains salicylic acid (a highly effective BHA) or benzoyl peroxide. Many companies now manufacture products specifically for body acne, so check labels carefully or ask your pharmacist for assistance. Use any product as directed. If you work out or perspire heavily, shower immediately to eliminate sweat and prevent pores from clogging.

Consider using a very gentle scrub designed specifically for how to get rid of body acne, says Debra Myers, founder of Houston, Texas based Enfusia, a manufacturer of all-natural products for skin and body care.

"Body scrubs are great for numerous reasons," she says. "Their main benefit is exfoliating dead skin cells from the skin's surface and helping to generate new cell growth. Most men use their wives' scrubs in the shower, but won't admit to purchasing it themselves."

A body scrub should be used three to four times weekly for best results, according to Myers.

"The right scrub is an individual choice, based on skin type, scent preference and texture preference," Myers says. "Avoid using any type of oil-based scrub. Look for scrubs that have a gentle exfoliating ingredient, such as cosmetic pumice, fruit enzymes or sugar. Salt has a tendency to be harsh, and almond or apricot scrubs are too rough. The key to success with all scrubs is letting the scrub do the work. Using an overly aggressive massaging action will not get better results."

"Scrubs for the face can be used on bodies, as well," adds Catherine Wright, owner of Catherine's Skin Care in Louisville, Colorado. "Keep to the small-grain products. Avoid large almond chips, as they're much too grainy."


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