Acne Statistics

During puberty, it is estimated that 100% of boys and 90% of girls will develop some form of acne.

Approximately 85% of individuals between the ages of 12 and 25 will have some acne lesions. These are startling acne statistics.

It is the psychological effects of acne that generally bring patients to a dermatologist's office. They begin to feel inferior, suffer from low self-esteem, may become angry, may develop severe depression, no doubt feel frustrated and experience acute embarrassment. Acne can even interfere with students' academic performance, ability to make friends and desire to date. Teenagers with acne often become adults with acne, and they may need to be followed for several decades by a competent dermatologist who can chart progress. That's why it's critical to start treatment as early as possible-before acne spirals out of control.

By some acne statistics estimates, approximately 25% of all visits to dermatologists in the United States are related to acne. Generally, acne begins in the early teens for men, resolving by the mid-twenties. For females, acne usually strikes in the mid-teens and may not resolve until one hits age 30. Hormonal differences account for the age issue.


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